Youtube and music industry – A war for supremacy


If you are to listen to various individuals from the music industry, then you would think that Youtube is one of the worst things that could ever happen to us. In short, they see Youtube as a streaming service that is taking money out of their pockets as the site allows the upload of videos even though copyright laws forbid them. The truth isn’t as simple as this as no video can stay on Youtube if it doesn’t follow copyright rules.

The majority of singers support this stance against Youtube, even though they all have dedicated Youtube profiles. It’s hard to see any single release from a famous singer without them being involved with Youtube. These double standards are something that Youtube doesn’t have any problems with.

Different views of this streaming site

Many older musicians and other players from the world of music have negative opinions about Youtube and other similar streaming services. They don’t want things to change, and they use all possible copyright rules and loopholes to fight against streaming sites.

On the other hand, you have young artists and those that want to become singers who see Youtube as a site that can help them leave a mark on the music industry. Many young people find that this streaming service is an excellent promoting option as it doesn’t require any investments. They see this streaming service as a platform at which they can post their videos and get almost instant feedback on whether they are doing good or not.

Young people that have talent might not have enough money to record a song or two in a professional studio. They might also have excellent writing tastes and an ear for a great tune, but the lack of money can be an obstacle they can’t pass. But Youtube is free, and anyone can post a video there.

Young people love this site because it allows them to “shoot at the stars” without having to invest thousands of dollars beforehand.

Youtube is an alternative

bearIt’s safe to say that Youtube presents an alternative to the old way of creating successful musicians. Now, many individuals claim that it ruins the music industry as there are other ways for people to make a breakthrough in this scene. But only those that want to succeed in the realm of pop and mainstream music can rely on various music shows and similar events where they can present their talent in front of people who matter. And only a few of them will get the chance to succeed.

People whose talents will work well in genres that aren’t mainstream pop and hip-hop have to rely on streaming services to get the attention of other people. Youtube is the best streaming site when it comes to getting attention. Any individual that has a great voice and an ear for the tune can do a cover of a famous song and draw the attention of the audience. All that is left after that is to continue the good work and write songs that will attract producers and other necessary parties.