The refreshing “This is America” takes the No.1


“This is America” is a song by the artist known as Childish Gambino and it took the No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100 from Drake. Now, everyone thought that Drake would keep the first position throughout the year as every song he released got there.

But, “This is America” is something that allowed us to take a look at the present state of the mainstream music and see what kind of trends exists at the moment. This article is less news and more analysis of the favorite music.

How did the “This is America” reach No.1

It’s safe to say that visual aesthetics of the popular music play a major part in the popularity of a song. This song is proof of that. The popularity of “This is America” skyrocketed after the release of the video, and that made some people question whether the audio is important at all.

Well, no video will make a song popular if it doesn’t have a good tune. Childish Gambino and his associates knew that, and therefore they went on to create a song that has a melody that comforts with the trends in the industry. This alone couldn’t lift the song to the No.1.

Childish GambinoWhat made this song famous are the lyrics. “This is America” is a song that touches on civil and political subjects and that is something this industry didn’t have in a long time. Yes, there are rebel songs, but they don’t belong to the mainstream music, and therefore they don’t count. However, even these lyrics couldn’t make this song into what it is now, even though Childish Gambino went to be a guest at “Saturday Night Live.”

The official video of the song pushed it to the No.1. It was provocative enough for people to watch it several times and discuss the content on various forums and social networks. Those discussions introduced the song to other people.

Now, whether the video is politically correct or not doesn’t matter. Childish Gambino achieved the goal with this video and whether this will have a positive or negative effect on the industry is still unknown.