The Audio-Technica ATH-M40x Studio Set


Are you looking for the perfect headset that will give you a quality sound and will not cost you a small fortune? Products like those are not a consumer fantasy. You can find them on the market and they come in many different shapes and sizes.

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Pros and Cons of ATH-M40x

ATH-M40xThe headset was tuned to perfection so to say and it delivers sound in a balanced manner. They transmit all the frequencies perfectly so you get the full sound filed with incredible nuances. They opted for a classical design for the look of the headset and they come in a combination of black color with silver metallic design elements.

They are designed with the aim to make listening to music for hours on end. This is why they have a comfortable design that is filled with the softest padding and they are made from light materials, so they do not weigh so much. The fact is when you wear them you do not feel a thing and they are not heavy on the head causing discomfort and pane.

The other important aspect the designers included in their design is their durability. They are made for travel and usage in the different context’s not just in one place. They are sturdy and they cannot be easily broken. Believe it or not, they come less than a hundred dollars so you will be able to afford them no matter your budget. They will give you the quality that is way above the price they are asking for.

The downside of this headset is that it does not come with a built-in mike. The other problem is that the ear shell can rotate only ninety instead of a hundred of eighty.

The Whole Package

They come packed with two cables (3,5mm) and a holder for the headset so you can take them on the trip with you and keep them safe from the other stuff in the bag. Plus, it keeps them clean. The package is from a black leather type of a material and it is elegant and simple as the rest of the set.

Having everything that has been said about the set in mind one cannot escape the fact that this peace is the whole package. You will get both quality and a good price. The company has a good standing in the community of music lovers so you do not have to worry about their credibility. Besides the fact that they do not have a mike and that they cannot rotate all the way the set offers the whole deal and you will not be sorry for investing in a pair.