May news – The world of popular music


There is always something exciting happening in the world of popular music. May is a month in which we saw many exciting announcements and music releases and considering that this month isn’t over, it will be packed with more exciting news.

Billboard Hot 100 No.1 goes to Childish Gambino

The most important news of this month is that Drake fell from the No.1 place of the Billboard Hot 100. This was a surprise as everyone thought that he would retake his No.1 with the next song. This place was overtaken by Childish Gambino and his hit single “This is America.” News about this overshadowed many exciting things that also happened during this month.

Third teaser track of the Lykke Li’s fourth album

The hype surrounding fourth solo album of Lykke Li called “So sad so sexy” picks up the pace. This happened on Mother’s Day due to the release of the third preview called “Utopia.” The video for this teaser includes home movies of the artist along with her mother and son. She said that this video and this album are the things that her mother wanted for her as well as the thing she wanted to do for her mother. The album will hit the market on the 8th of June.

A pleasant surprise for Christina Aguilera fans

ccThe musical silence of Christina Aguilera that lasted six years was broken earlier this month with the release of her first single from the upcoming album “Liberation.”  The second single of the upcoming album, called “Twice” hit the radio stations earlier this day. This song is the last teaser of the album that will get the release in June. Christina Aguilera will go on an American tour once the album is released. This will be the first American tour after ten years, and everyone is eagerly waiting for it.

May was an exciting month, but the June is set to be even better. Not only will we enjoy in new releases from stars that weren’t active for years, but we will also be able to listen for songs of current stars. Continue following our page for more news from the world of mainstream music.