Mainstream music trends in 2018


The world of mainstream music relies on patterns to deliver products that people will love. Almost every artist in the mainstream world looks for trends they can use to reach the top of charts. Drake is one of the artists that do this well which is why his songs are almost always No.1 on charts.

So, the biggest question of late 2017 was what type of trends would dominate 2018. Trends we mention in this article are active at the moment. Now, whether any of them will result in something significant is not a thing anyone can guess. Speculation on this is possible, but that is a waste of time, at best.

Trends of the famous music scene

The split of the One Direction opened a door for new boy bands to take on the stage and grab the attention of teenagers. And many big producers have tried to gather a group of handsome and talented teenagers who could work together as a group. The majority of those that tried failed miserably as their boy bands were unable to impress people. However, several succeeded and they created PrettyMuch and Why Don’t We. These two boy bands are already grabbing the hearts of young girls, and they aren’t leaving any room for other groups to use this trend to become stars.

gigDespacito is a song that kick-started the revolution of Latin pop music. This song started a trend where all significant stars want to work with Spanish speaking artists to create songs that would cater to Spanish speaking Americans, of which there are a lot of. Some of the big stars already did it, but everything changes in 2018 as this trend is becoming more popular among singers.

The latest trend in 2018 is the involvement of the Youtube with the music scene. This streaming giant wants a piece of the pie, and they already introduced several things that make their entrance into the music scene interesting. Producers are trying to avoid this, and this leads to the focus on pop music over hip-hop. This means that less and fewer hip-hop songs will hit the top of the charts if the Youtube doesn’t do something about it.