Experience the music in the right way – choose your headset right!


There are many different models of headphones you can buy. Quality sound is an important feature, but not the most important, there are still many of the demands that your new headphones need to fulfill in order for you to enjoy the quality sound in the right way. Learn how to pick best cheap in-ear headphones, and what types there are:

All about that sound

in-ear headphonesMost headphones today have high-quality sound. In some models, it is enriched with a more powerful bass, while in others the bass is weaker. So if you want a really good sound, then the first thing to pay attention when shopping is whether the headphones have a Hi-Fi tag. The High Fidelity system provides precise and clear sound with more detail.

The next item is definitely bass. If you are not a fan of bass, then there are plain headphones for you without any additional bass. However, if you like bass, they always try to buy headphones that are enriched with an additional bass. There are many models on the market with an enhanced bass for extra enjoyment while listening to music. Choose the right one and listening to your favorite songs will be a whole new experience for you.

How do you assess the sound quality of your headset yourself?

Very simply, if we exclude the taste for the quality sound that is different to everyone, then we need to pay attention to several parameters that are true indicators of a good sound performance.

The frequency range indicated in hertz (Hz) is about the range of frequencies that handsets can play. What does it mean? Well, the higher the frequency range, the better the sound is, and the other way around. If you love music with plenty of bass, then pay attention to low frequencies. For jazz and classical music, medium and high frequencies are more important.

The sound balance refers to how rich and colorful is the sound you are getting, how good are the singular tones such as bass, treble and the like. Please note that if you exaggerate

In rendering it will not turn out so good because it can significantly change the real sound.

Clarity or distortion refers to the ability of the headphones to find a better detail or lack of sound. As the headset is better, it will find better details or disadvantages.

Are they efficient?

Sensitivity is a measure that is indicated in decibels (dB) and it expresses the efficiency of the headset. Decibel is a measure of volume and for example, 10dB indicate that the sound is 10 times stronger. Small numbers indicate that the headphones need more power to sound louder than those with higher sensitivity. Modern headphones have a sensitivity higher than 90dB, while (high quality) portable have a minimum of 100dB.

Impedance is measured in omega (ohm). The higher the impedance, the more power you need to produce sound, so smaller numbers are better especially with portable headphones.