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Experience the music in the right way – choose your headset right!


There are many different models of headphones you can buy. Quality sound is an important feature, but not the most important, there are still many of the demands that your new headphones need to fulfill in order for you to enjoy the quality sound in the right way. Learn how to pick best cheap in-ear headphones, and what types there are:

All about that sound

in-ear headphonesMost headphones today have high-quality sound. In some models, it is enriched with a more powerful bass, while in others the bass is weaker. So if you want a really good sound, then the first thing to pay attention when shopping is whether the headphones have a Hi-Fi tag. The High Fidelity system provides precise and clear sound with more detail.

The next item is definitely bass. If you are not a fan of bass, then there are plain headphones for you without any additional bass. However, if you like bass, they always try to buy headphones that are enriched with an additional bass. There are many models on the market with an enhanced bass for extra enjoyment while listening to music. Choose the right one and listening to your favorite songs will be a whole new experience for you.

How do you assess the sound quality of your headset yourself?

Very simply, if we exclude the taste for the quality sound that is different to everyone, then we need to pay attention to several parameters that are true indicators of a good sound performance.

The frequency range indicated in hertz (Hz) is about the range of frequencies that handsets can play. What does it mean? Well, the higher the frequency range, the better the sound is, and the other way around. If you love music with plenty of bass, then pay attention to low frequencies. For jazz and classical music, medium and high frequencies are more important.

The sound balance refers to how rich and colorful is the sound you are getting, how good are the singular tones such as bass, treble and the like. Please note that if you exaggerate

In rendering it will not turn out so good because it can significantly change the real sound.

Clarity or distortion refers to the ability of the headphones to find a better detail or lack of sound. As the headset is better, it will find better details or disadvantages.

Are they efficient?

Sensitivity is a measure that is indicated in decibels (dB) and it expresses the efficiency of the headset. Decibel is a measure of volume and for example, 10dB indicate that the sound is 10 times stronger. Small numbers indicate that the headphones need more power to sound louder than those with higher sensitivity. Modern headphones have a sensitivity higher than 90dB, while (high quality) portable have a minimum of 100dB.

Impedance is measured in omega (ohm). The higher the impedance, the more power you need to produce sound, so smaller numbers are better especially with portable headphones.

The Audio-Technica ATH-M40x Studio Set


Are you looking for the perfect headset that will give you a quality sound and will not cost you a small fortune? Products like those are not a consumer fantasy. You can find them on the market and they come in many different shapes and sizes.

The best place to look for your ideal headset, whether it is the ATH-M40x or some other model or type, is at headphonesunder100center. They have everything you need and more then you can expect. So, take a stroll through their models and enjoy the ride. Because you will find what you are looking for and find out a lot about headphones.

Pros and Cons of ATH-M40x

ATH-M40xThe headset was tuned to perfection so to say and it delivers sound in a balanced manner. They transmit all the frequencies perfectly so you get the full sound filed with incredible nuances. They opted for a classical design for the look of the headset and they come in a combination of black color with silver metallic design elements.

They are designed with the aim to make listening to music for hours on end. This is why they have a comfortable design that is filled with the softest padding and they are made from light materials, so they do not weigh so much. The fact is when you wear them you do not feel a thing and they are not heavy on the head causing discomfort and pane.

The other important aspect the designers included in their design is their durability. They are made for travel and usage in the different context’s not just in one place. They are sturdy and they cannot be easily broken. Believe it or not, they come less than a hundred dollars so you will be able to afford them no matter your budget. They will give you the quality that is way above the price they are asking for.

The downside of this headset is that it does not come with a built-in mike. The other problem is that the ear shell can rotate only ninety instead of a hundred of eighty.

The Whole Package

They come packed with two cables (3,5mm) and a holder for the headset so you can take them on the trip with you and keep them safe from the other stuff in the bag. Plus, it keeps them clean. The package is from a black leather type of a material and it is elegant and simple as the rest of the set.

Having everything that has been said about the set in mind one cannot escape the fact that this peace is the whole package. You will get both quality and a good price. The company has a good standing in the community of music lovers so you do not have to worry about their credibility. Besides the fact that they do not have a mike and that they cannot rotate all the way the set offers the whole deal and you will not be sorry for investing in a pair.

Methods of Singing and Improving Your Voice


Singing in itself is not an easy task. Though most people use it as a means of relaxation, the ones who take it more seriously develop complex methods of singing. Here is some helpful information on how you can improve your singing methods and voice.

Your Voice is Your Instrument

Much like regular musical instruments, the voice has to be trained and maintained. In order to improve you must work on the quality of your voice. This has to be done when singing. What helps the most is patient monitoring of your singing.

Superior Singing Method

This method has developed from people’s desire to train their voice but who don’t have the time to do it. The method is a training program which can be done from home.

man singingThere are a couple of dozen singing videos which come with the program, as well as, a number of vocal exercises. Most of the exercises are done step by step so it is easy to follow.

Like in any effective learning program you will start by covering the basics. From there on you will go up a notch with more complex methods. You will be dealing with managing your vocal tone, working on your pitch, having control over the power of your voice and how it resonates.

Positive Aspects of Superior Singing Method

First of all, it will improve your singing in no time. Most people who have taken up the program have noticed results after the first week of training.

Secondly, its mobility makes it easy to use. This program can be used on your phone or laptop which means you can practice practically anywhere.

Another great feature is that it is described in detail and goes step by step. This way you can progress even if you are just a beginner.

It is more affordable than singing lessons. You will pay more for lessons from a teacher and won’t advance as quickly. This program is on your own terms.

It is more flexible than having a teacher. You can go at your own pace and repeat certain steps without having to pay extra.

We hope that this superior singing method review has helped and informed you.

Recording Your Voice

Obviously, once you’ve mastered singing techniques you will have to incorporate new and advanced elements to record it. Recording your voice properly is the key to further developing your skills. This will help you monitor it and improve your voice with each recording.

Good music and good voices are mostly recorded in a studio. A proper studio has high-class equipment and can provide a clean sound.

However, not many people know this but there are several devices used for recording your voice accurately. Digital recordings are very efficient. These methods of recording use a master clock to sync an array of different digital samples.


They also use a digitals converter in studios. The best studios will have standalone digital converters since they give the best results. Though they are pricey they are worth it.

Youtube and music industry – A war for supremacy


If you are to listen to various individuals from the music industry, then you would think that Youtube is one of the worst things that could ever happen to us. In short, they see Youtube as a streaming service that is taking money out of their pockets as the site allows the upload of videos even though copyright laws forbid them. The truth isn’t as simple as this as no video can stay on Youtube if it doesn’t follow copyright rules.

The majority of singers support this stance against Youtube, even though they all have dedicated Youtube profiles. It’s hard to see any single release from a famous singer without them being involved with Youtube. These double standards are something that Youtube doesn’t have any problems with.

Different views of this streaming site

Many older musicians and other players from the world of music have negative opinions about Youtube and other similar streaming services. They don’t want things to change, and they use all possible copyright rules and loopholes to fight against streaming sites.

On the other hand, you have young artists and those that want to become singers who see Youtube as a site that can help them leave a mark on the music industry. Many young people find that this streaming service is an excellent promoting option as it doesn’t require any investments. They see this streaming service as a platform at which they can post their videos and get almost instant feedback on whether they are doing good or not.

Young people that have talent might not have enough money to record a song or two in a professional studio. They might also have excellent writing tastes and an ear for a great tune, but the lack of money can be an obstacle they can’t pass. But Youtube is free, and anyone can post a video there.

Young people love this site because it allows them to “shoot at the stars” without having to invest thousands of dollars beforehand.

Youtube is an alternative

bearIt’s safe to say that Youtube presents an alternative to the old way of creating successful musicians. Now, many individuals claim that it ruins the music industry as there are other ways for people to make a breakthrough in this scene. But only those that want to succeed in the realm of pop and mainstream music can rely on various music shows and similar events where they can present their talent in front of people who matter. And only a few of them will get the chance to succeed.

People whose talents will work well in genres that aren’t mainstream pop and hip-hop have to rely on streaming services to get the attention of other people. Youtube is the best streaming site when it comes to getting attention. Any individual that has a great voice and an ear for the tune can do a cover of a famous song and draw the attention of the audience. All that is left after that is to continue the good work and write songs that will attract producers and other necessary parties.

Best microphones on the market


Those people who don’t plan on doing their research can read through this short list of microphones. All entries in this article are excellent for studio recording. Some of them are good for one genre, while others excel at producing superior vocals for other styles.

Remember, this is a short introduction of these microphones. Check detailed reviews of each product before you purchase one of them. This will prevent you from buying a mic that doesn’t work well in the environment you operate in.

Audio-Technica AT2035 – A microphone for rappers

If you are an upcoming rapper, then you should buy Audio-Technica AT2035. This 200+ dollars microphone is an excellent choice for rappers because it has a high-pass filter that gives off a flat response that eliminates the background noise and accentuates the sound of the voice. People also use it for acoustic guitars and other acoustic instruments due to its ability to capture singular sounds at high quality.

Audio-Technica is known for excellent mics with USB connectivity that are cheaper than this model. However, the quality of the sound, that comes with XLR connectivity, of this microphone off-sets the price difference.

Shure – Delivering Excellency at the price of cheap knock-offs

Shure SM-27-SC is one of the best microphones when it comes to quality versus price. It costs only 270 dollars, which places it between high-quality mics that cost up to one thousand dollars and cheap knock-offs you can buy for less than one hundred dollars. SM-27-SC is a microphone that is superior to mics in the same price range due to neutral frequency response as well as a low-frequency filter with which you can play.

This product is an excellent purchase because you can use it for more than just recording vocals. Indeed, SM-27-SC can record everything from acoustic guitars and drums to electrical guitar tabs. This versatility means that you get a lot from one product that has an affordable price and a reputable brand name on top of everything.

MXL 770 – A perfect microphone

MXL 770People who lack money can always buy the MXL 770 as it is an excellent mic. This model is over fifteen years old, and it still can compete with products that are two or three times more expensive. So, if your budget is one hundred dollars then don’t hesitate and buy this product as it costs only 75 bucks.

May news – The world of popular music


There is always something exciting happening in the world of popular music. May is a month in which we saw many exciting announcements and music releases and considering that this month isn’t over, it will be packed with more exciting news.

Billboard Hot 100 No.1 goes to Childish Gambino

The most important news of this month is that Drake fell from the No.1 place of the Billboard Hot 100. This was a surprise as everyone thought that he would retake his No.1 with the next song. This place was overtaken by Childish Gambino and his hit single “This is America.” News about this overshadowed many exciting things that also happened during this month.

Third teaser track of the Lykke Li’s fourth album

The hype surrounding fourth solo album of Lykke Li called “So sad so sexy” picks up the pace. This happened on Mother’s Day due to the release of the third preview called “Utopia.” The video for this teaser includes home movies of the artist along with her mother and son. She said that this video and this album are the things that her mother wanted for her as well as the thing she wanted to do for her mother. The album will hit the market on the 8th of June.

A pleasant surprise for Christina Aguilera fans

ccThe musical silence of Christina Aguilera that lasted six years was broken earlier this month with the release of her first single from the upcoming album “Liberation.”  The second single of the upcoming album, called “Twice” hit the radio stations earlier this day. This song is the last teaser of the album that will get the release in June. Christina Aguilera will go on an American tour once the album is released. This will be the first American tour after ten years, and everyone is eagerly waiting for it.

May was an exciting month, but the June is set to be even better. Not only will we enjoy in new releases from stars that weren’t active for years, but we will also be able to listen for songs of current stars. Continue following our page for more news from the world of mainstream music.

Choosing a microphone for recording vocals


One of the hardest things when it comes to the creation of a song is to select a microphone you will use to record vocals. This isn’t an easy decision, and it shouldn’t be due to the sheer number of factors that affect it.

Buying a perfect microphone is all about knowing about parameters within which you will work and using them to find the best product. The following parameters will give you some idea of what it takes to buy a product that will do everything you want.

A step-by-step guide to buying a microphone

The first thing you will want to consider is the budget with which you are working. The best microphones can cost up to several thousand dollars, and they are probably out of your reach. The budget will give you a basic idea of which products to look for.

The next thing you will have to consider is the environment where you will record vocals. There is a big difference between a professional studio, an amateur studio, and your room. This also affects the amount of additional equipment you will have to buy.

If you don’t want to bother with these things, then buy a condenser microphone with a price that falls within your budget. They are best for any studio, and you won’t make a big mistake if you buy one. However, it’s better to invest some time into research and buy a mic that will work excellently rather than just being OK.

The next thing to think about is the connectivity of a mic. The cheapest p[rodducts have 3.5mm connection, and you should avoid them. You will see products like this in karaoke joints because they are cheap and the quality of the sound is low. You can go for USB microphones, but that isn’t the best option. The best option is to buy a microphone with an XLR connector as it produces the sound that is superior to everything else.

What else to keep in mind

Many people will blow their budget on a microphone and several other pieces of hardware and forget about small things that support the whole thing. You shouldn’t do that as it will blow up your budget. Make a list of everything you need to buy and calculate the costs before you start buying things. This will prevent you from spending all money and still being unable to create music due to lack of some additional equipment.

Recording microphones – A guide to recording music


Microphones play an essential part in recording a song. Every studio uses more than a dozen different microphones in the recording process. This number might sound high if you know little about the recording process. You probably don’t know that every microphone is different and thus it works well with some instruments and genres and is useless in others.

The first thing you have to know about microphones is that there are two prominent types, condenser, and dynamic mics. One model works well with some instruments while the other is excellent with others.

A basic comparison between microphones

The first type of comparison is the frequency response. Instruments that have a high frequency (piano, cymbals and acoustic guitars) work well with condenser mics. On the other hand, dynamic mics are great for recording low and mid-frequency instruments (drums and electric guitars). This is a simple comparison (the complex one is too long for this post). We won’t mention vocal recording mics because they deserve more words than one or two paragraphs in this one.

Seven additional comparisons give you more info about these two microphone types. If you have time and will then do some research on this to find which model is better. You, as an amateur musician, will probably buy only one or two mics for your instruments and thus you want to know which one to buy, without having to read too much into this subject.

Which instrument recording microphone should you buy?

If you run an amateur studio, then you know that choosing a microphone for recording instruments isn’t something you can do without any thinking. In general, many young and upcoming musicians and amateur studio owners buy condenser mics because they are superior for studio recording. This is wrong as there isn’t better or worse microphone for recording as none of them is good for everything.

You have to remember that there are nine sub-categories of microphones and big recording studios use several of each sub-category. So, the best way to buy a mic is to research which one is the best for instruments you will use and stick with it until you get more money to fund the purchase of other microphones.

Mainstream music trends in 2018


The world of mainstream music relies on patterns to deliver products that people will love. Almost every artist in the mainstream world looks for trends they can use to reach the top of charts. Drake is one of the artists that do this well which is why his songs are almost always No.1 on charts.

So, the biggest question of late 2017 was what type of trends would dominate 2018. Trends we mention in this article are active at the moment. Now, whether any of them will result in something significant is not a thing anyone can guess. Speculation on this is possible, but that is a waste of time, at best.

Trends of the famous music scene

The split of the One Direction opened a door for new boy bands to take on the stage and grab the attention of teenagers. And many big producers have tried to gather a group of handsome and talented teenagers who could work together as a group. The majority of those that tried failed miserably as their boy bands were unable to impress people. However, several succeeded and they created PrettyMuch and Why Don’t We. These two boy bands are already grabbing the hearts of young girls, and they aren’t leaving any room for other groups to use this trend to become stars.

gigDespacito is a song that kick-started the revolution of Latin pop music. This song started a trend where all significant stars want to work with Spanish speaking artists to create songs that would cater to Spanish speaking Americans, of which there are a lot of. Some of the big stars already did it, but everything changes in 2018 as this trend is becoming more popular among singers.

The latest trend in 2018 is the involvement of the Youtube with the music scene. This streaming giant wants a piece of the pie, and they already introduced several things that make their entrance into the music scene interesting. Producers are trying to avoid this, and this leads to the focus on pop music over hip-hop. This means that less and fewer hip-hop songs will hit the top of the charts if the Youtube doesn’t do something about it.

Studio equipment that pros use


No modern song you see in charts could exist without dedicated work of the recording studio. Now, you have different studios that cater to stars, but all of them employ professionals who use top-notch equipment to record songs and turn them into hits you listen on the radio.

A professional recording studio owns a plethora of different equipment which they use to record songs. Some of the equipment pieces are cheap while others are expensive. The price matters as high-quality tools cost a lot of money. This is why recording a song in such studio is extremely expensive. But some devices will work well even if their price is low.

Less-known recording studio devices everyone uses

Now, this article will take a look at some of the tools that big studios use. Some of the devices you will read about are less-known even though they are essential in the recording process.

Almost every digital recording device contains a master clock. This device syncs different digital samples you input. This is highly useful as it can synchronize four or five (even more if you want) samples you input from different equipment pieces. Many people don’t know, but only one device has a master clock, while others act as slaves. If that weren’t the case, then it wouldn’t be possible to sync all samples as all devices would try to do it at the same time. Big studios use standalone master clocks as it makes everything easier.

knobsAnother device that all studios use is a digital converter. Once again, many devices have it, but only the top studios use standalone digital converters. These can cost up to several thousand dollars per device which is why only the wealthiest studios buy them.

Analog software is a thing of the past, or so you would think. You won’t find this equipment anywhere but top recording studios. They do this due to the sound that analog hardware creates. According to the pros, this type of equipment creates the music that is superior to plugins that digital devices have.

You don’t have to use equipment, top studios use, to create music that could bring you success. The tune, voice and the lyrics are what will propel you toward stars.