Best microphones on the market


Those people who don’t plan on doing their research can read through this short list of microphones. All entries in this article are excellent for studio recording. Some of them are good for one genre, while others excel at producing superior vocals for other styles.

Remember, this is a short introduction of these microphones. Check detailed reviews of each product before you purchase one of them. This will prevent you from buying a mic that doesn’t work well in the environment you operate in.

Audio-Technica AT2035 – A microphone for rappers

If you are an upcoming rapper, then you should buy Audio-Technica AT2035. This 200+ dollars microphone is an excellent choice for rappers because it has a high-pass filter that gives off a flat response that eliminates the background noise and accentuates the sound of the voice. People also use it for acoustic guitars and other acoustic instruments due to its ability to capture singular sounds at high quality.

Audio-Technica is known for excellent mics with USB connectivity that are cheaper than this model. However, the quality of the sound, that comes with XLR connectivity, of this microphone off-sets the price difference.

Shure – Delivering Excellency at the price of cheap knock-offs

Shure SM-27-SC is one of the best microphones when it comes to quality versus price. It costs only 270 dollars, which places it between high-quality mics that cost up to one thousand dollars and cheap knock-offs you can buy for less than one hundred dollars. SM-27-SC is a microphone that is superior to mics in the same price range due to neutral frequency response as well as a low-frequency filter with which you can play.

This product is an excellent purchase because you can use it for more than just recording vocals. Indeed, SM-27-SC can record everything from acoustic guitars and drums to electrical guitar tabs. This versatility means that you get a lot from one product that has an affordable price and a reputable brand name on top of everything.

MXL 770 – A perfect microphone

MXL 770People who lack money can always buy the MXL 770 as it is an excellent mic. This model is over fifteen years old, and it still can compete with products that are two or three times more expensive. So, if your budget is one hundred dollars then don’t hesitate and buy this product as it costs only 75 bucks.