Studio equipment that pros use


No modern song you see in charts could exist without dedicated work of the recording studio. Now, you have different studios that cater to stars, but all of them employ professionals who use top-notch equipment to record songs and turn them into hits you listen on the radio.

A professional recording studio owns a plethora of different equipment which they use to record songs. Some of the equipment pieces are cheap while others are expensive. The price matters as high-quality tools cost a lot of money. This is why recording a song in such studio is extremely expensive. But some devices will work well even if their price is low.

Less-known recording studio devices everyone uses

Now, this article will take a look at some of the tools that big studios use. Some of the devices you will read about are less-known even though they are essential in the recording process.

Almost every digital recording device contains a master clock. This device syncs different digital samples you input. This is highly useful as it can synchronize four or five (even more if you want) samples you input from different equipment pieces. Many people don’t know, but only one device has a master clock, while others act as slaves. If that weren’t the case, then it wouldn’t be possible to sync all samples as all devices would try to do it at the same time. Big studios use standalone master clocks as it makes everything easier.

knobsAnother device that all studios use is a digital converter. Once again, many devices have it, but only the top studios use standalone digital converters. These can cost up to several thousand dollars per device which is why only the wealthiest studios buy them.

Analog software is a thing of the past, or so you would think. You won’t find this equipment anywhere but top recording studios. They do this due to the sound that analog hardware creates. According to the pros, this type of equipment creates the music that is superior to plugins that digital devices have.

You don’t have to use equipment, top studios use, to create music that could bring you success. The tune, voice and the lyrics are what will propel you toward stars.