Recording microphones – A guide to recording music


Microphones play an essential part in recording a song. Every studio uses more than a dozen different microphones in the recording process. This number might sound high if you know little about the recording process. You probably don’t know that every microphone is different and thus it works well with some instruments and genres and is useless in others.

The first thing you have to know about microphones is that there are two prominent types, condenser, and dynamic mics. One model works well with some instruments while the other is excellent with others.

A basic comparison between microphones

The first type of comparison is the frequency response. Instruments that have a high frequency (piano, cymbals and acoustic guitars) work well with condenser mics. On the other hand, dynamic mics are great for recording low and mid-frequency instruments (drums and electric guitars). This is a simple comparison (the complex one is too long for this post). We won’t mention vocal recording mics because they deserve more words than one or two paragraphs in this one.

Seven additional comparisons give you more info about these two microphone types. If you have time and will then do some research on this to find which model is better. You, as an amateur musician, will probably buy only one or two mics for your instruments and thus you want to know which one to buy, without having to read too much into this subject.

Which instrument recording microphone should you buy?

If you run an amateur studio, then you know that choosing a microphone for recording instruments isn’t something you can do without any thinking. In general, many young and upcoming musicians and amateur studio owners buy condenser mics because they are superior for studio recording. This is wrong as there isn’t better or worse microphone for recording as none of them is good for everything.

You have to remember that there are nine sub-categories of microphones and big recording studios use several of each sub-category. So, the best way to buy a mic is to research which one is the best for instruments you will use and stick with it until you get more money to fund the purchase of other microphones.