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The evolution of pop music in last 30 years


Every half-decent news site covers pop music and its artists because that is what people want to read about. The world of the famous singers is something that regular people want to know about because that is something above them, something they can’t reach.

Studies that focus on mainstream music increased in number in the last decade due to the need to deliver exciting news about this industry. Writing about artists and their private lives are one thing, but not every pop music fan wants to read what their favorite singer ate that morning.

Quite a significant portion of people want to know about their stars and what they do, but not all of them want to read about that every single day. Some more critical articles must exist so they can give pop fans, and those that don’t listen to that music, some subjects and some info about the whole industry.

Happiness and sadness in pop music – How pop evolves

Pop has been a part of mainstream music since it appeared more than fifty years ago. It still plays an essential role in the mainstream. It stayed relevant through the continuous evolution of both the tune and the lyrics.


The study that took more than half a million songs released in the UK in last thirty years came up with some interesting facts that touch on the evolution of pop.

The first conclusion came from the categorization of songs by the mood they produce. It states that songs became sadder as the years passed. Happiness and brightness went down at the same pace at which the sadness went up. This doesn’t mean that all songs at the moment are sad, but the majority of them have lyrics that invoke the sense of sorrow.

The second classification took into account the overall tune of pop songs. The results point to the music changing to become more danceable. Lyrics can be either sad or happy, but the melody is always fast-paced, and that caters to the young audience.

Lyrics – Losing relevance in mainstream music

The last classification took a look into the evolution of words in pop music and its comparison with other emerging genres. The conclusion is that the words lost their importance in the music in the last decade or so. The catchiness of the tune is what attracts people to a song. This, however, is only restricted to pop and other mainstream music.

Music is the reflection of the society


The fact that music reflects the community is well-known for more than a century. This is why the investigation of tribes that lived in the past is conducted through exploration of their way of life, which includes music.

People like to express their state of being through songs. This applies to everything from the genre and tune to lyrics. The downfall of one style and the rise of another means that the culture is changing and people are looking for different means to express themselves.

What does this mean?

This means that we can analyze the songs and see what kind of the society either existed or still exists. This allows us to examine the modern society and see what place in our world the music has and how it interacts with the culture.

If you take a look in the past, then you can quickly recognize the state of society through the songs that existed through the time. Sixties are memorable through the rise of rock and other genres that expressed the freedom and rebellious nature of the people of that time.

Seventies were full of rock and hard rock bands with the emergence of metal in last few years of the decade. This reflected the freedom people acquired which allowed them to express their opinions without fearing for their safety.

The modern music in a modern age

headphonesThe contemporary age took a somewhat different turn when it comes to the connection between the society and the music. The state of the community stopped affecting the music (in a way). The variety of songs started shaping the culture in turn.

Mainstream music follows trends to cater to the society and to change how it perceives the world. This is different than how it was in the past. But this doesn’t mean that there aren’t music genres that represent the people. Hard rock, metal, hip-hop (not the mainstream) are just some of the styles that express the feeling of people who don’t act like sheep and listen what is most popular at the moment. Then some artists bring the sentiments of the society into mainstream music because they adapt to the popular trends.

The refreshing “This is America” takes the No.1


“This is America” is a song by the artist known as Childish Gambino and it took the No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100 from Drake. Now, everyone thought that Drake would keep the first position throughout the year as every song he released got there.

But, “This is America” is something that allowed us to take a look at the present state of the mainstream music and see what kind of trends exists at the moment. This article is less news and more analysis of the favorite music.

How did the “This is America” reach No.1

It’s safe to say that visual aesthetics of the popular music play a major part in the popularity of a song. This song is proof of that. The popularity of “This is America” skyrocketed after the release of the video, and that made some people question whether the audio is important at all.

Well, no video will make a song popular if it doesn’t have a good tune. Childish Gambino and his associates knew that, and therefore they went on to create a song that has a melody that comforts with the trends in the industry. This alone couldn’t lift the song to the No.1.

Childish GambinoWhat made this song famous are the lyrics. “This is America” is a song that touches on civil and political subjects and that is something this industry didn’t have in a long time. Yes, there are rebel songs, but they don’t belong to the mainstream music, and therefore they don’t count. However, even these lyrics couldn’t make this song into what it is now, even though Childish Gambino went to be a guest at “Saturday Night Live.”

The official video of the song pushed it to the No.1. It was provocative enough for people to watch it several times and discuss the content on various forums and social networks. Those discussions introduced the song to other people.

Now, whether the video is politically correct or not doesn’t matter. Childish Gambino achieved the goal with this video and whether this will have a positive or negative effect on the industry is still unknown.

Spotify – Death of download or not


Spotify has been deemed as the killer of music download since the moment it appeared. This is still a subject that many people like to discuss. The arguments that lean toward Spotify eliminating downloads are many, and according to them the download of music is a thing of the past.

The only problem with this is that the download of digital music and other media is still as popular as it was before. This means that Spotify didn’t kill downloads and it also means that it probably won’t kill them in the future as well.

The decline of music downloads – Is it the end

The decrease in downloads in the mainstream music is still one of the most persuasive arguments that Spotify is superior in every possible way. But the problem with this argument is that the this is only a small part of the whole industry. Yes, a lot of people listen to mainstream pop and the majority of those people use Spotify, but that doesn’t mean that everyone else has to follow in the suite.

It’s safe to say that mainstream pop music has little quality when it comes to the quality of the artist, the tune, and lyrics. It is generic and annoying for people who look for something special when they want to enjoy a song. The majority of Americans may enjoy mainstream pop, but the rest of the world isn’t as interested in it as they are.

Downloads number is decreasing

spotify1The number of download of mainstream songs is going down, but the numbers are still same when it comes to other genres. People who aren’t listening to favorite music don’t care about Spotify because they get their music wherever they want it.

All of this means that downloads are here to stay whether the owners of this and similar applications want it or not. The lack of scientific articles on these two subjects is evident. People who support Spotify (or even work for it) want you to use their app. They will write thousands of articles where they tell you that download as an option is long dead, even though it isn’t.

EsMas TV – The ruler of online TV streaming


The expansion of the online live TV and streams means that more and more companies are trying to enter the world of the online TV to stay relevant. The most significant player in this world is the Televisa, which is a Mexican TV giant. They were among first to enter this market, and therefore they are the biggest in it at the moment.

But, the owners of Televisa know that they will lose their standing if they don’t expand the range of their online services as other big companies are catching up to them. Their next goal is to become the global leader in online video and music downloads in the Spanish language.

EsMas and Tarabu – The tools of the trade

This expansion officially started with the release of the esmasTV which is a video download service of the Televisa. They already had a feature that allowed people to watch their favorite shows online through the use of splayer. This new move will enable people to download series and movies they want to watch somewhere where they won’t have an internet connection.

Televisa doesn’t have any problems with generating content that people can download as they have just under 15 thousand hours’ worth of material they created. They are, of course, negotiating with American television companies to acquire rights to stream and put for download some of their shows which will have Spanish dubbing.

The first expansion – Online music service

popcornThe introduction of esmasTV isn’t the first significant expansion of services that the Televisa introduced in the last six months or so. The first considerable expansion came with the introduction of Tarabu that offered more than 300 000 titles from many big American production companies including Warner Music and Universal Music. Many Hispanic labels found their place on Tarabu as well.

All of the music Tarabu offers is downloadable as long as you pay the fixed fee per song (or album). This, however, didn’t happen without obstacles as Televisa had to take the Univion to court to ensure the freedom of people who wanted to download music through their application.


Microphone setup – How to adjust your microphone


Everyone knows how troublesome it is to set up a microphone. Plugging it in is easy, but making it work as intended is another thing. Applications that will help you to set the microphone are aplenty, but only a few of them work as expected.

If you want to set your mic, then you can do that through several excellent applications. You do need a bit of knowledge on where the setting for the microphone is, as one of the sites may ask you to access it to change some settings.

Troubleshooting the microphone issues

Online mic tests are excellent because they are an easy way to find problems. But locating the faults isn’t going to fix your mic. The step after that is what really matters, and this part of the process is on you. You will have to know how to access mic settings and what each slider does before you start this whole process.

The test you conduct can produce three results. The first one will tell you that the mic works as the line that shows up react to the voice input. The second outcome is the one where there isn’t any line at all. The third outcome is the most probable as it happens to a lot of people. It involves the existence of the line which doesn’t move no matter what kind of sound you make.

–    No voice recognition line during the test

micIf there isn’t any line during the trial, then you should check whether the microphone is correctly plugged into the device. If it is plugged in then try to make a loud noise and check whether that caused the line appear. If that doesn’t work, then you should restart the browser and try again. If none of this works, then your mic might be broken.

–    The line that doesn’t move

If the line doesn’t move during the test, then you should go to settings and increase the volume of the mic. It might also be muted, so you should check that as well. If the port for the mic is on the other side of the computer, then you should check whether you connected the mic in the wrong socket (the correct plug is pink).

EsMas player – An application for everything


The time of applications that could do only one or two things is long gone. The advancement of technology allows for the design of apps that can do a plethora of things. And this is the goal of tech advancement as we all strive toward gadgets and software that can do as many things as it is possible.

Fewer apps mean it is easy to work without losing the

track on what app does what. The only problem in this is the complexity of applications that offer many different features. Many developers failed to grab different parts of the market because they weren’t easy to use. They had many features, but their complexity made them too much for people.

EsMas player – All you need to enjoy


Music players were always popular because people want to listen to their favorite songs wherever you want. This player is excellent for streaming everything from music to VOD and Live TV. Many influential television and radio stations are looking toward work with the developers of players like EsMas because they represent the future of the digital world we all live in.

The latest news about EsMas is their deal with Televise, which is one of the most prominent Spanish speaking media giants in the world of television. Their agreement with EsMas shows that even the biggest players in the market must adapt to the new ways of the business.

The deal revolves around a new digital entertainment services platform that streams various things through EsMas player. This means that you can use EsMas player to download music, watch Live TV and do almost all things for which you needed several devices in the past.

All this resulted in a significant success as people liked the control they had over the content that they want to watch. And it’s easy to see why this way of listening music and watching TV is becoming more and more popular. People don’t have enough time to adapt to TV and radio schedules. They want to watch their favorite shows and listen to music they love whenever they want, and EsMas players allow them to do that.