EsMas player – An application for everything


The time of applications that could do only one or two things is long gone. The advancement of technology allows for the design of apps that can do a plethora of things. And this is the goal of tech advancement as we all strive toward gadgets and software that can do as many things as it is possible.

Fewer apps mean it is easy to work without losing the

track on what app does what. The only problem in this is the complexity of applications that offer many different features. Many developers failed to grab different parts of the market because they weren’t easy to use. They had many features, but their complexity made them too much for people.

EsMas player – All you need to enjoy


Music players were always popular because people want to listen to their favorite songs wherever you want. This player is excellent for streaming everything from music to VOD and Live TV. Many influential television and radio stations are looking toward work with the developers of players like EsMas because they represent the future of the digital world we all live in.

The latest news about EsMas is their deal with Televise, which is one of the most prominent Spanish speaking media giants in the world of television. Their agreement with EsMas shows that even the biggest players in the market must adapt to the new ways of the business.

The deal revolves around a new digital entertainment services platform that streams various things through EsMas player. This means that you can use EsMas player to download music, watch Live TV and do almost all things for which you needed several devices in the past.

All this resulted in a significant success as people liked the control they had over the content that they want to watch. And it’s easy to see why this way of listening music and watching TV is becoming more and more popular. People don’t have enough time to adapt to TV and radio schedules. They want to watch their favorite shows and listen to music they love whenever they want, and EsMas players allow them to do that.