Microphone setup – How to adjust your microphone


Everyone knows how troublesome it is to set up a microphone. Plugging it in is easy, but making it work as intended is another thing. Applications that will help you to set the microphone are aplenty, but only a few of them work as expected.

If you want to set your mic, then you can do that through several excellent applications. You do need a bit of knowledge on where the setting for the microphone is, as one of the sites may ask you to access it to change some settings.

Troubleshooting the microphone issues

Online mic tests are excellent because they are an easy way to find problems. But locating the faults isn’t going to fix your mic. The step after that is what really matters, and this part of the process is on you. You will have to know how to access mic settings and what each slider does before you start this whole process.

The test you conduct can produce three results. The first one will tell you that the mic works as the line that shows up react to the voice input. The second outcome is the one where there isn’t any line at all. The third outcome is the most probable as it happens to a lot of people. It involves the existence of the line which doesn’t move no matter what kind of sound you make.

–    No voice recognition line during the test

micIf there isn’t any line during the trial, then you should check whether the microphone is correctly plugged into the device. If it is plugged in then try to make a loud noise and check whether that caused the line appear. If that doesn’t work, then you should restart the browser and try again. If none of this works, then your mic might be broken.

–    The line that doesn’t move

If the line doesn’t move during the test, then you should go to settings and increase the volume of the mic. It might also be muted, so you should check that as well. If the port for the mic is on the other side of the computer, then you should check whether you connected the mic in the wrong socket (the correct plug is pink).